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Meet Warrior Macey!

Just a short four years ago, nine hours after Macey was born, her nurse grew concerned with her coloring. Assuming it was an issue with her lungs, they did an x-ray, which immediately revealed that her heart was on the right side of her body. Macey was transferred to Children’s right away. After her many diagnoses were listed off, Macey’s parents were sure they were going to be told there was nothing that could be done for her. Instead, cardiologist Dr. Joy presented a detailed plan telling exactly what they were going to do to save little warrior Macey. She would for sure need two surgeries, and possibly a third.

At three months old, Macey had a BT shunt placed. That allowed her family to wait until she was eight months old for her open heart surgery, the Glenn. Macey surprised everyone by being able to go home just three days post-operation. Her third surgery, the Fontan, is scheduled tentatively for this fall and will be a longer hospital stay. Undoubtedly a fighter, she has remained happy and upbeat through it all. As can be seen in the photo – Macey is a huge fan of Frozen. Whenever she’s anxious in the hospital, watching Frozen is a sure-fire remedy to calming her down. She loves running, dancing, music and animals – especially dogs.

Funds raised during our Sunny 95 RadioThon help support not just families like Macey’s but also the important research needed to make life saving decisions like the doctors did for Macey.  Please consider making a donation here.