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Meet LEGO Loving Luke!

During our Sunny 95 RadioThon, we were able to share the incredible story of Nationwide Children’s Hospital patient champion Luke.  Luke was diagnosed with an Imperforate Anus and underwent surgery for a colostomy at just 36 hours old. Luke has had four surgeries and is now thriving with a Malone! Luke is proud of his scars and the stories that come with them. His families hope is that through Luke sharing his story, more people become aware of this condition and understand that being different is something of which to not be afraid.

Luke enjoys playing baseball, soccer, and basketball. Although he has taken up running recently and hopes to one day run the Columbus Half Marathon with his mom. He also pulls tractors, a family tradition! Luke loves to help on the family farm feeding the sheep and cattle, hauling hay, and planting and harvesting crops. He is also very adept at engineering and builds several things with his Legos. Luke loves school – especially recess and lunch! When he grows up, he wants to help on the farm and would be the fourth generation to do so.

There is still time to help support kiddos like Luke and the many others at Nationwide Children’s!  Please consider making a donation here.