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Mya is more than a conqueror

Teenagers should be having fun with their friends, thinking about driving and one day leaving the nest and going off to school.  For now, this is not the case for Mya.  In a span of 2 months, Mya was diagnosed with Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder, celiac disease and amplified pain syndrome at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. It was a whirlwind for their whole family, and Mya was so sick. Mya’s mom, Michelle said, “There were days where I wondered if we were ever going to get her feeling better and back to her typical self. Mya has always been an active kid, and seeing her unable to get out of bed due to the pain was heartbreaking. She worked so hard to fight her way back and the determination we saw from her during that time frame, and continued on now is my proudest moment as a mom.”

Mya loves to swim, and has tried to maintain some normalcy in her life by staying active on the swim team, even after her diagnoses last year. She even ran a 5k race in Disney, despite multiple knee dislocations. She loves her dog, Miles, and loves to be outside with him. She love to cook and bake, and try new gluten free recipes.

Mya has obstacles still, she recently had extensive knee surgery, but there is no doubt that Mya can conquer whatever she’s faced with now.  Because of the support from our Sunny 95 listeners, we are able to help patients like Mya.  Will you consider making a donation to Nationwide Children’s Hospital here?