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Transformation Tuesday: How ACE is making a difference!

Sometimes, all you need is one person to be a catalyst for change. Sometimes, that one person doing little things for their community, without wavering, can create a big impact for their local hospital. For Ace  Hardware, in the Columbus, OH market, our champion making a huge difference for the kids is Michael Lynch.

In 2014, the Ace Hardware locations in the Columbus market raised $6,834 for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. It was done mostly through the Miracle Bucket campaign in which about 40% of the locations participated. Trying to find better ways to get the local Ace Hardware locations involved, the hospital staff reached out to owners and managers and that’s when we met Michael.

Right away, our team could tell how deeply Michael cared about the kids in his community. After a year of hard work with Michael helping to build relationships and bring more locations on board and connecting them to the work being done at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Ace Hardware jumped to $18,737 in 2015! With the addition of the RSC and Michael’s continued enthusiasm for CMN Hospitals and the kids being served at Nationwide Children’s, Ace Hardware in the Columbus market raised an astonishing $75,340 for local kids last year!

Funds raised by Ace Hardware provide life-saving care and research for kids like Rayne, pictured here. Rayne has a rare diagnosis of Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, or hooked joints. She has and will continue to be cared for by the specialists at Nationwide Children’s for her entire childhood. Funds from partners like Ace allow Nationwide Children’s to provide the highest quality of care for kids like Rayne, regardless of their ability to pay.

Right now, you can donate to your local CMN Hospital at any Ace Hardware location as they participate in the Round Up for Kids campaign this month. Thank you to Michael and all of our amazing Ace Hardware locations for being a champion for the kids in your community!