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Monday Morning Miracles

With the hustle and bustle of life, we tend to take for granted the little joys found in each day; hearing the birds sing, the laughter of a small child and hearing the voice of a mother as she sings a lullaby to her child. Arjun is a six year old boy who understands the importance of life’s small miracles.

Being born with moderate to severe hearing loss, Arjun’s parents feared that their sweet little boy would not be able to hear their voices.  Arjun was diagnosed with unilateral sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL).  Shortly after, he was reevaluated and further diagnosed with progressive SNHL in both his left and right ear.  By the time Arjun turned two, he was fitted for hearing aids in both ears.  With hopes that his hearing would improve, Arjun began intensive therapy, however his speech and language development began to fall behind others his age.  At the tender age of four, Arjun received a cochlear implant in his left ear.

Imagine never being able to hear the cheers from your favorite basketball team when they scored a basket or hear the voices of your favorite cartoon characters.  With Progressive Sensorineural Hearing Loss, it is a permanent condition without a cure.  The cochlear implant that Arjun received, however,  is a remedy for his condition.  It differs from a hearing aid in that it does not make sounds louder.  It actually sends impulses directly to the auditory nerve which then carries sound signals to the brain.

Since his implants, “Arjun’s confidence and happiness have been the driving factor in providing us reassurance that he will flourish in whatever environment he is placed,” says Veena, Arjun’s mom.   Arjun’s future is bright.  Thanks to the cochlear implants and the amazing trained specialists at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Arjun will be able to hear his family’s cheers while he participates in numerous sports activities and now be able to listen to his favorite characters Lighting McQueen and Chase from Paw Patrol.

Thanks to funding provided by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals partners and supporters, Nationwide Children’s Hospital is able to provide the best care for kids like Arjun. Give today to help kids like Arjun, just be kids.

Arjun, 6 years old
Progressive Sensorineural Hearing Loss