Making Miracle for Kids Everywhere

“I had a patient who called me Dr. Ouchy,” said hematologist, Amy Dunn. “I didn’t want to be Dr. Ouchy anymore.”

Last week, Dr. Amy Dunn and Jeremy Patterson were honored by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals as the recipients of the annual Children’s Miracle Achievement Award for their creative and innovative approach to caring for kids with hemophilia at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

In an effort to help kids who are afraid of a needle stick but have to have infusions on a regular basis, Dr. Amy Dunn and Jeremy Patterson created a virtual reality environment customized for kids with hemophilia. The simple, lightweight and disposable design of the goggles makes the equipment easy to replicate and share on a larger scale to help kids everywhere.

Instead of going to visit Dr. Ouchy, kids with hemophilia can now go to the hospital to, as Dr. Dunn said in her thank you speech, “Dare I say it…have fun!”

Kids with hemophilia are seen by the Hematology/ Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant unit at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, which is supported by BuckeyeThon, a Miracle Network Dance Marathon.


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