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Matthew holds the keys to our hearts

Being a part of the patient champion stories during the Sunny 95 RadiThon at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, we learned about an awesome kiddo named Matthew.  Matthew had his first NeuroCranial Restructuring at 8 months old to begin repairing his rapidly growing, erratic sphenoid bone. He’s had 8 surgeries since then. A chance encounter with a nurse practitioner got Matthew in with Dr. Leonard. A follow up MRI in 2015 revealed an incidental find: a tumor in the front of his corpus callosum that needed prompt surgery. The cancerous tumor has grown back and again Dr. Leonard has removed it. During this time Matthew had a growth spurt and developed scoliosis. He then had ‘growing rods’ inserted and some internal bracing. In just a year Matthew has had 5 big (3 of these unplanned) surgeries. Matthew still has routine monitoring every 3-6 months as the tumor could grow back as he enters puberty and could grow a potentially fetal tumor anywhere there’s a nerve ending.

Not letting his diagnosis stop him, Matthew was recently granted a wish to see his favorite bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge where he was able to help the master locksmith change a high security lock. He even has his name on a plague that he got to place on a piece of the bridge. He likes to play games on his iPad and spend time with his friends. He loves music from the 80’s!

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