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Small but mighty Eliza

Only two years old, little Eliza has been diagnosed with several severe conditions with the most visual being Bronchopulmonarydyplasia and Tracheobronchomalacia.  At first Eliza’s mother was worried about her daughter’s future living on a ventilator, but thanks to hope and encouragement from Nationwide Children’s Hospital, her family has arrived at a place where most days feel easy.

When asked what Nationwide Children’s Hospital means to her, Eliza’s mom, Micki, says, “To me, NCH means Hope, Encouragement & Home. Hope: for another day, another breath, another milestone. Hope for answers, for solutions. Hope for a tomorrow. Hope for a future full of possibilities. Encouragement: to become an active participant in her care team, encouragement that has helped me to become her best advocate. Home: because there were many days where the idea of Eliza making it home felt so far away, like it would never be a reality. Home because NCH was our home for a year, staff loved us and helped make it home. Home because support from NCH is how we are staying home. Around the time that Eliza got her trach I ran into a family outside C4A, they had a toddler on a vent and she was running around and playing like any other child. Until then I couldn’t envision what Eliza’s life might be like, seeing that family had a great impact on me. I hope that Eliza can be that for other families.”

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