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Introducing Brave Brantley

About 5 years ago, three year old Brantley was in a serious lawn mower accident that caused him to lose three fingers on his right hand and experience extensive damage to his right knee and leg. In order to have Brantley receive the urgent care he needed, he was transported via helicopter straight to Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  Brantley’s medical team performed three surgeries in total and worked swiftly to clean his wounds, make sure there were no infections, move muscles around in his leg to cover the knee joint as he did not have much of a knee cap left, and do a skin graft on his knee.

“We were scared to death, and in complete shock as to what was going on. Hearing they were able to save his leg was a relief. We knew he would still have trouble with his leg, but the fact that he didn’t have to have a prosthetic was a blessing. Nationwide Children’s Hospital means so much to us,” says Brantley’s mother, Jessica.

Today, Brantley is thriving in the first grade, and loves the outdoors. He can play, run around and be active. He especially enjoys baseball, football, rodeos, bull riding, dirt bikes and racing.  Oh and Happy Birthday Brantley!