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Help Kids Like Brielle

Often times it’s hard for us to let things go in life, we tend to have a fear of letting go. We don’t want to give up a favorite blanket or our 15 year old, worn-out pair of shoes. For Brielle, “Let It Go” is her theme song – she loves the movie Frozen and is continuing to be positive and strong even after many diagnoses.

Brielle came to her parents as a foster child and was eventually adopted. When she became a part of her new family, she wasn’t walking or talking and she received her nutrition through a feeding tube. She had just completed her last round of chemotherapy – due to her Wilms Tumor (kidney cancer) – and was visiting Nationwide Children’s Hospital four times a week for hemodialysis (she had lost her kidneys to cancer).

After hemodialysis, Brielle transitioned to getting peritoneal dialysis for 10 hours a night, every night, in her home. When she was four years old, she underwent a kidney transplant. Brielle is now six years old and thriving despite her multiple diagnoses. After completing an intensive feeding program at Nationwide Children’s, Brielle is now able to eat by mouth and has been walking and talking since she was two. She still needs to come to Nationwide Children’s for her multidisciplinary care, but continues to enjoy every minute of life! You can often find her singing and dancing. She loves eating pizza and popcorn, has 5 siblings, and wants to be a Mommy when she grows up.

Thanks to funding provided by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals partners and supporters, Nationwide Children’s Hospital is able to provide the best care for kids like Brielle. Give today to help kids like Brielle!