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Hailey Defies the Odds

We were able to share so many patient stories during Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Sunny 95 RadoThon last week.  They all impact us in different ways.  This one is about Hailey.

On Jully 11, 2018 Hailey and her family were hit by a distracted driver that ran a stop sign.  The impact was on Hailey’s side and the family knew things were very bad. Hailey was air lifted to Nationwide Children’s Hospital while her sister was transported via ambulance. From the time of her arrival, the NCH staff were doing everything they could to help Hailey and her terrified mother Ashley.   The family was told that Hailey had a traumatic brain injury. The family was warned that she may not make it through the night let alone function as a kid ever again.

After an intensive stay in the ICU, Hailey made it to the rehab floor where therapists pushed her to find herself again.  From being told she would never wake up to making it through 7 weeks of rehab, Hailey defied the odds and is able to be a kid again.

Please consider helping other kids like Hailey defy odds and make a donation here.