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Corbin is Cancer Free!

When Corbin was 6 months old his parents noticed he had regression in leg movements. A pediatrician visit quickly turned into an emergency MRI at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The images revealed a massive tumor wrapped around his spine. Stage 3 Neuroblastoma. Corbin endured four rounds of chemo, multiple surgeries, tests, scans, shots and blood draws. Just before his first birthday he was declared in remission and has remained cancer free for well over five years. Corbin will be seven in the fall and will be in first grade. He is full of life and doing incredible.

Corbin loves to play outdoors, ride his bike, scooter, and police car power wheel. Corbin loves playing with friends, his cousins and little sister Lily.  Please make a donation here so we can help more kids like Corbin become cancer free.