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Vivacious Vivian

Jon, Stacy, Vivian (5), and Brooklyn (3).  Vivian’s dad is a medical laboratory scientist who works for The James in an outpatient cancer treatment setting.   Stacy, Vivian’s mom, is a nurse practitioner in family medicine at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Vivian is a loving, inspirational 5 year old with a contagious laugh.  Her sister Brooklyn is  smart little comedian with a heart of gold.

Vivian was born with a disorder named Jordan’s Syndrome which causes developmental delays.  At the time, being the 40th person ever diagnosed worldwide, it was challenging finding information about her diagnosis.  Thankfully, Nationwide Children’s Hospital was able to connect the family with other’s from all over the world via Facebook, as well as Jordan’s Guardian Angels, a nonprofit organization funding research.

Today Vivian and her family spend time being a family, fundraising for research, and spreading awareness.  Please consider helping families like Vivian’s by making a donation here