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Walmart and Sam’s Club…start your engines !!

Walmart and Sam’s Club have been partners with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for over 32 years. In 2018, they hit a one billion dollar milestone, where all the funds benefited all 170 CMN Hospitals.

Starting June 10th, Walmart and Sam’s Club will begin their A.S.K Kickoff (Associates Saving Kids). Many customers and members WANT to give and associates give them the opportunity. Just remember, YOU have the POWER of the ASK!

This will run for 4 weeks where donations can be made at store registers, self-checkouts, scan and go, and even online shop/ store pickup. Every associate can make a difference by asking every customer to either round up, or give any amount of their choosing.

Start your engines…..this is going to be a fun and quick 4 weeks. Prepare each and every associate with the materials needed in order to help raise money for all the wonderful kiddos at all CMN Hospitals.