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The One Team Approach

Written by Tanvi B., the 2022 HNHF High School Intern.

The Healthy Neighborhoods Healthy Families internship experience allows high school students to connect with working professionals and fellow high school students like themselves. Just yesterday, the 2022 HNHF high school team connected in a training experience. There are hundreds of different departments at Nationwide Children’s, and these interns have only touched a couple areas of the hospital. One high school intern, I networked with, works with the Pelvic Reconstruction department. Another works with the Ronald McDonald House and does similar work as to what I do in the Foundation department. Although we all experience different shadowing opportunities, depending on our department placing, all high school interns that have participated in the HNHF learning experience have retained some of the same skills. An example of these skills could be organizational and communication skills. We all do paperwork, clean up messy rooms, and do a lot of busy work that will help the working professionals by taking some work off of their backs. No matter what, there is one thing everyone has retained from this internship, even if it’s just plain experience or connections to set up their future career. The most important thing to remember is the One Team approach that Nationwide Children’s Hospital holds accountable for every employee. No matter your position, you make a difference in the hospital, and because of people like you, the hospital is able to make a difference in children’s healthcare.

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