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Panda Express

Have you ever opened a fortune cookie and found it to be true? What if you were the answer to someone’s fortune cookie!? Now you can be.

All 13 Panda Express locations in Central Ohio aim to deliver delicious food and make an impact to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Their impact is as fresh as their General So’s chicken! Nationwide Children’s Hospital has become a leader in #BreakStigmas around mental and behavior health. Panda Express has focused the impact as well! With 1 in 5 children under the age of 14 having a mental illness, now more than ever our kids needs our support. Each time you round up your meal you are providing direct support in the form of resources for children, research for future generations and the ability to provide one more miracle at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Each penny makes a difference. And we know many of those penny’s are lucky! Now that’s a fortune cookie worth opening!

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