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Meet Patient Champion Bo!

Bo is one of our four Corporate Partner Patient Champions for 2018. Today is his 7th birthday! We are so excited for you to meet him and learn more about his story.

Happy Birthday, Bo!

Bo was born in Inner Mongolia, where he was found abandoned as a newborn with both his bladder and part of his bowel outside of an opening in his belly. He spent nearly 4 years of his life in a medical orphanage in Beijing, having endured many undocumented surgeries in China.

Amber and Richard Bidwell found out about Bo through a series of miraculous connections while he was seeing the Colorectal and GI teams at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. They had always wanted to adopt – and after hearing about Bo and his amazing story, they knew he was their son.

In April 2016, the decision was made, and they began working through the adoption process. At this point, Bo had been at Nationwide Children’s for 4 straight months, and not living like a five-year-old should. On July 11, 2016, the Bidwell’s were granted custody of Bo, and they began their journey together as a family.

After a major operation and countless procedures and complications, Bo began to heal very quickly. On August 4, 2016, Bo was discharged to his new home. Since then he has only been admitted once, and the progress he’s made has been remarkable.

“It really is hard for me to put into words what Nationwide Children’s Hospital means to us. We first met Bo here. The nurses and doctors on H5A were all Bo had for a very long time. He was a scared little boy all alone in a hospital room. The nurses were with him day and night. They played with him, read to him, cared for him. We shared many tears of pain and joy with the team. We shared every little victory and setback. They were there for us and most importantly for Bo through it all. We see Dr. Balint and the GI team monthly and always make sure Bo’s friends on H5A know he is there to visit with him. We are eternally grateful for NCH,” says Amber.

Bo is intelligent, witty, loves learning new things and is always asking questions. An energetic 7-year-old, he practices karate, swims, loves superheroes and playing with Legos. Bo is a real-life hero himself!

Do you have a birthday coming up? Did you know you can dedicate your birthday to kids like Bo through a special program called My Miracle Birthday? Celebrate your birthday and raise funds for your local CMN Hospital, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, by clicking here.