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Get Ready, Get Set, Game On!

Our Extra Life Guild hosted their kick off event last night! Thank you to everyone who turned out to show support for Nationwide Children’s Hospital and cheer on our Extra Life Patient Champion, Deacon.

Deacon was only 10 days old when he had his first open heart surgery. He was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, which is a condition where the left side chambers of the heart develop too small to work effectively. That is a big problem because the left side of the heart pumps blood to the body, meaning the body doesn’t get the blood it needs when that side of the heart is too small. As a result, babies born with HLHS become very sick after birth, and are at high risk of death if left untreated.

After his first surgery, Deacon showed his fight for life by rising above his conditions and was able to have his final heart surgery when he was 2 years old. “Nationwide Children’s means EVERYTHING to me,” says Deacon’s mom, Elizabeth. “Without it I wouldn’t have my son and best friend.”

Deacon is now a 12 year old with a desire to be a game developer when he grows up! He loves helping out with Extra Life, a peer-to-peer fundraising group made up of gamers. So if you like to play games, why not do it for a good cause as well! To register to play games and help kids like Deacon, visit

Good luck and thank you to our Columbus Guild! You are all incredible and we are so glad to have your as a community partner!