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Connections, connections, connections!

Written by Tanvi B., the 2022 HNHF High School Intern.

Networking is essential for establishing a career in the desired field you are interested in. It’s about the practice of making connections and utilizing these connections to grow your career in the future. This strategy does not have to be formal, it happens in your everyday life with the people you surround yourself with! And this is the reason why it’s important to start networking when you’re in high school, the earlier the better. Establishing relationships with classmates, teachers, family, friends, mentors, coaches, alumni, fellow volunteers, and employees at your workplace all support a great quality of life and can lead to professional relationships in your future.

Are you wondering how these connections come into play in your future? Well, one example is with your teachers. As you progress through your high school career, it’s essential to build strong bonds with teachers and mentors. Not only because they can help you with your homework or give you guidance on a situation, but also because they can help you guide the college application process when you get into your senior year and write you recommendation letters to include with your applications.

Now that you understand why networking is so essential, it’s your time to get out there and start building your network! Try starting with Linkedln first and then get your way up into more verbal connections. Good luck and have fun, this shouldn’t feel like work, you’ll be learning a lot about yourself, others, and the world around you!