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Anatomy Fashion Show at OSU

Each year there are moments that ignite the cause! This year, Phi Delta Epsilon at The Ohio State University, reignited their in-person Anatomy Fashion Show to help raise funds and awareness for the kiddos at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. This group of students organized an anatomy fashion show to help educate on the 12 different anatomical systems within the body. They do this by painting the systems on sleeved bodysuits and then walking the runway to show off the system. The event is a great partnership between PhiDe, students in the OSU art department and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. After a virtual year in 2021, it was a wonderful event to have back in person for 2022. This event was organized by Maria Burdjalov of Ohio State in addition to numerous other student volunteers. Together, they were able to raise of $18,000 for the children at Nationwide Children’s Hospital! To learn more about the impact at NCH, please visit;