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ACE is the place…to roundup for the kids

The ACE hardware campaign in support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals held in April was a huge success. ACE hardware stores are encouraged to turn their “roundup” on throughout the year, especially in April, and that was done. During the month of April 2019, the Roundup method that ACE hardware participated in has done its job. The money raised has totaled $1,252,612 benefiting all 170 CMNH. The 1,271 stores have done a tremendous job encouraging each customer to “Round up” their total to help make a difference. Although it doesn’t seem like little amounts of cents could make a big difference, it does indeed add up to make an impact. Each cent can help improve a child’s journey on their difficult path of life. Next time you’re at ACE hardware, don’t forget to “round-up” to help make a difference.